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Seeing off our enemies

Written by John Setka on 02 January 2018

Our slogan in the BL days was always “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win”. We struggled and we won: amenities, health and safety, clothing issue, the 36 hour week, decent wages, superannuation, redundancy, sick leave and long service leave.

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Union Pride, ABCC Shame

Written by John Setka on 04 October 2017

On 15 February 2016, Bobby Hetherington was tragically killed after falling twenty metres down a lift well.

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Turnbull’s Code no Nirvana for Construction Workers or Employers

Written by Dave Noonan on 01 September 2017

There has been lots of media speculation about the Turnbull government’s construction code in the wake of the Senate crossbench voting with the Liberal Party to support it.

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Union training and safety drives our world’s best industry

Written by John Setka on 15 June 2017

The standard of training provided by the CFMEU Education and Training Unit and the safety standards and compliance demanded by our officials is among the best in the world.

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New ACTU Secretary Shows How It’s Done

Written by John Setka on 26 April 2017

Sally McManus has got guts.

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Unions Right of Entry fundamental to Safety

Written by Dave Noonan on 04 March 2017

Unions ‘Right of Entry’ is fundamental to safety – so says Senator Nick Xenophon, and I agree with him.

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To my family and your family, I say thank you

Written by Shaun Reardon on 30 January 2017

All of us know the pressures from builders and developers to meet unrealistic deadlines.

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Courage keeps you going

Written by John Setka on 09 January 2017

At the end of 2016, let’s recap on the year that was.

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The EBA that only the CFMEU could deliver

Written by John Setka on 27 October 2016

A mass meeting of CFMEU members on 26 May at Festival Hall unanimously endorsed the new EBA.

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Three Dead Construction Workers in Four Days!

Written by Dave Noonan on 17 October 2016

In Brisbane, two construction workers have died a terrible death, crushed by a nine-tonne concrete panel.

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