Appin management sack miner for standing up for his rights at work

Published: 20 Apr 2017

Today local Appin miner, Dave McLachlan was sacked by South32 for standing up for his rights at work. The CFMEU have organised legal representation for Dave and will do everything possible to get a decent outcome for him, in response to this gross over-reaction by the unscrupulous management at the Appin mine.

CFMEU NSW South West Vice-President Bob Timbs said the Lodge President has been sacked for standing up for his basic workplace entitlements and legal obligation by the company.

“After a ten-minute delay where workers protested the company’s refusal to comply with their legal obligation to provide replacement work clothes and a laundry service to maintain them, South32 have singled out and sacked an exemplary and experienced worker,” said Mr Timbs.

“Instead of recognising their oversight in delivering workers their rightful entitlements, they have pursued this unjust revenge and disciplined a number of other employees, followed by the Dave’s termination. We can only call this for what it is:a vengeful rampage to prevent further union activities on site.

“We cannot allow mining giants to use the industrial relations system to single out and punish workers who are doing nothing more than standing up for their rights under their legal registered agreement.

“Dave – like many other workers at the Appin mine – is a family man with two kids to support. Employers cannot hold workers hostage by first refusing to abide with workplace conditions, and then sacking them for daring to say something about it.

“Workers must be protected at work. If something is unsafe or unjust, they must be allowed to protest to defend their own and their colleages’ rights, health and safety.

“The CFMEU has organised legal representation for Dave and we will do everything possible to get a decent outcome for him,” said Mr Timbs.

Dave McLachlan, Lodge President at South 32’s Illawarra Appin coal mine was stood down as a result of the “undies” protest at the mine on 2 March 2017.

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