Filthy Hogan get in a big stink at EJ Whitten Bridge

Published: 7 Jun 2018

Workers and the general public are being exposed to toxic fumes and several other health and safety breaches by the principal contractor Fulton Hogan.

The filthy approach to health and safety is unacceptable, but sadly typical of this contractor that continues to win significant government contracts.


The CFMEU and local residents in Sunshine have banded together to call on the EPA to act on toxic fumes emanating from EJ Whitten Bridge civil construction works.

Contractor Fulton Hogan has exposed an old tip with little regard for the impact of toxic fumes on workers, local residents and pedestrians passing through the area.

CFMEU Health and Safety Officers have raised issues several times with principal contractor Fulton Hogan, but management have refused to admit there is anything wrong and threatened to call the Victorian Police on CFMEU officials even after they provided legal right of entry permits to inspect the site.

Fumes from the tip take just a minute to hit the back of the throat and leave a chemical taste in the mouth for some time after even brief exposure.

Just half an hour of exposure causes eyes to burn and dizziness, but the supervisor and safety officer for Fulton Hogan say it's just an unpleasant smell.

Victorian safety regulator WorkSafe simply accepted the word of Fulton Hogan management that the site is safe, refusing the CFMEU’s request for an inspection.